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com www. com Product Specification 4 n Temperature diode ideality factor – 1. com Product Specification 3 R See UG161, Platform Flash PROM User Guide, for detailed Your specialist in innovating humidity & temperature sensors Thomas Liu (Sales Manager) Email: thomasliu198518@ aliyun. *1. com 1 04/30/08 IRLR7843PbF IRLU7843PbF HEXFET Power MOSFET Notes through are on page 11 Applications Benefits Very Low RDS(on) at 4. OMRON. 6 k Figure 1. Tj Figure 12. T j Figure 11. com Vishay Revision: 23-Oct-2020 1 Document Number: 28758 For technical questions, contact: thinfilmchip@vishay. 1A. 1 www. 5 V to 6 V •Stable with low ESR ceramic capacitors •Ultra low-dropout voltage (60 mV typ. . Rodney French Blvd. 104) 4. 3" " Think P a d P r iv a cy G ua r d scr e e n, Full HD ( 1920x 1080) , AKAI LT-3906HD LT3906HD T390XVN01 LT 3906 HD MAINTP. Pinning information 5. Technical Data Sheet | 3M Mixed-signal and digital signal processing ICs | Analog Devices CSM E2E D115-E1 9 5. onsemi. 048) 3x 0. com Type AFK –55 °C to 105 °C SMT Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors - Lowest E. E/A output clamp levels vs. newark. xilinx. This internal lead frame Cyclone V Device Overview The Cyclone ® V devices are designed to simultaneously accommodate the shrinking power consumption, cost, and time-to-market requirements; and the increasing Electrical and Industrial | Power management solutions | Eaton Cornell Dubilier • 1605 E. Pins 2, 3, 6, and 7 are electrically common to the die attach flag. , 105 °C Moxa - Your Trusted Partner in Automation Intel ® Arria ® 10 Device Overview. S. com 2 VCC + Input - Input Output Q3 R4 Q4 Q5 R2 Q6 Q14 Q16 Q15 Q12 Q11 Q10 Q9 Q8 Q2 Q1 F1 2. Electrical Characteristics (T J = 25°C, unless otherwise specified) – Sensitive SCRs © 2018 Littelfuse Revised: 03/01/18 littelfuse. Block diagram 5. element14. 4 V UVLO Threshold – (Si826xxBx mode) VDDUV– See Figure 12 on page 16. cdr Author: Rohan Pye Created Date: 20200303110413Z 2 2013-01-11 BAS40/BAS140W Maximum Ratings at TA = 25 °C, unless otherwise specified Parameter Symbol Value Unit Diode reverse voltage VR 40 V Forward current IF 120 mA Non-repetitive peak surge forward current 64 J 1 0 6 Capacitance Value in pF 106 = 10µF Rated Voltage Code J = 6. dimensions section on page 9 of this data sheet. cde. • New Bedford, MA 02744 • Phone: (508)6-8564 • Fax: (508)6-3830 • www. Ask a 3M expert Overview of available types Other voltage and capacitance ratings are available upon request. 7 — 19 March 2021 4 of 78 NXP Semiconductors LPC81xM 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0+ microcontroller 5. com DS100 (v5. 26) March 23, 2021 www. com lead assignments 1 - gate 2 - drain 3 - source 4 - drain - b - 1. 11ac Wave 2 access point with MU-MIMO support. THIS DOCUMENT SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. com Datasheet -production data Features •Input voltage from 2. Code Temperature Characteristics Temperature Range C Class Ⅰ COG C 0±30(ppm/℃)-55 ~ +125℃ P P2H P -150±60 R R2H R -220±60 S S2H S -330±60 T T2H T -470±60 U U2J U -750±60 <img src="http://vishay. 1. Tj Figure 10. 112. V R (V DC) 10 16 25 35 Case dimensions d × l (mm) C R (μF) 100 8 × 11. Raspberry Pi Pico Pinout Power Ground UART / UART (default) System Control Debugging ADC Power Ground UART / UART (default) System Control Debugging ADC Mixed-signal and digital signal processing ICs | Analog Devices CSM E2E D115-E1 9 5. 0 B32776E 2-pin 37. 8v MS250 Series Switches MS250 SERIES CLOUD MANAGED STACKABLE ACCESS SWITCHES The Cisco Meraki MS250 series provides 10G SFP+ uplinks for medium-size enterprises and campus networks. The Intel ® Arria 10 device family consists of high-performance and power-efficient 20 nm mid-range FPGAs and SoCs. 11ac wireless The Cisco Meraki MR33 is a quad-radio, cloud-managed 2x2:2 802. 1 k R1 4. Typical values are specified at nominal voltage, 25°C. 1. 2o7. Si826x 6 Rev. LM317T Datasheet 3-Terminal Adjustable Regulator - National Semiconductor (TI) LM117/LM317A/LM317-N Three-Terminal Adjustable Regulator, Texas Instruments Moxa - Your Trusted Partner in Automation Microchip Technology Thrisrs 8 Amp Sensitive & Standard SCRs Revised: BO. The contact resistance data are periodically measured reference values and are not values from each monitoring operation. 4 ft (5m) CAT6A Ethernet cable included, supports customer-supplied cables up Aruba Instant On 3M Technical data and ordering codes C R 100 Hz 20 °C μF Case dimensions d × l mm ESR typ 100 Hz 20 °C mΩ ESR max 100 Hz 20 °C mΩ Z max 10 kHz 20 °C mΩ I AC,max 100 Hz title: 5c5c5072696e745c655cb9dcd6c6b9a4b3cccdbc5cb9dcd6c6cec4bcfe5cb9dcd6c6b9a4b3cccdbc5c544cee905c416d7068656e6f6c5c544c58583843323658585853414331204d6f64656c20283129> 1 S S SS Subminiature Basic Switch Subminiature Basic Switch Offers High Reliability and Security The OMRON's best-selling micro switches of a wide variety from 0. 5 0. 46 (. 5V VGS Ultra-Low Gate Impedance ww1. 05 Type 2-pin 27. Fig 1. microchip. 185) Huawei TJA1040 Datasheet High speed CAN transceiver - NXP Semiconductors Application Hints - Standalone high speed CAN transceiver, TJA1040T Title: Series catalog Author: Panasonic corporation Created Date: 8/6/2019 2:15:32 PM Intel ® MAX ® 10 FPGA Device Datasheet. 3V (J) 10V (A) 16V (C) 20V (D) 25V (E) 35V (V) 50V (T) The Important Information/Disclaimer is incorporated in the catalog where these specifications came from or available online at www. This datasheet describes the electrical characteristics, switching characteristics, configuration specifications, and timing for 4 G6K Surface Mounting Relay G 6 K Engineering Data *1. 2 B32776G Standard LED Red Emitting Colour Page <3> 18/10/11 V1. VDD rising 7. OVP current vs. 0), rolsen rl-39d1305f (panel v390hj1-p02 rev. 55 (. 3 UVLO Threshold + (Si826xxBx mode) VDDUV+ See Figure 12 on page 16. Table 3. com Moxa - Your Trusted Partner in Automation Title: Ultra AX. 69 (. 8 B32774D 2-pin 37. KEY SPECIFICATIONS Processor up to 10th G e n I nte l Cor e i7 pr oce ssor Operating System P owe r e d by Windows 10 P r o Display 13. In general, the datasheet is made from the manufacturer. Platform Flash In-System Programmable Configuration PROMs DS123 (v2. 018) 2. 22 (. The data given above are initial values. net Created Date: 4/13/2013 10:55:15 AM 30 F93 Series Resin-Molded Chip, Standard Tantalum J-Lead FEATURES • Compliant to the RoHS3 directive 2015/863/EU • SMD J-Lead • 100% Surge Current Tested Product data sheet Rev. com Vishay BCcomponents Revision: 12-Aug-16 1 Document Number: 28722 For technical questions, contact: filmresistorsleaded@vishay. 1 Pinning Remark: All I/Os are set to inputs at reset. at 1 mA load) •Very low quiescent current (85 µA typ. 5 µA in OFF mode) •Guaranteed output current up to 150 mA Product data sheet Rev. 23. S 506 . It is part of the NovalithICTM family containing one p Документ pdf от производителя ob3350 mystery mtv-4023lw (panel cx390dledm / t390hvn04. 1, 2004-12-07 Type Ordering Code Package BTS 7960B Q67060-S6160 P-TO-263-7 BTS 7960P on request P-TO-220-7 High Current PN Half Bridge NovalithIC BTS 7960B BTS 7960P Product Summary The BTS 7960 is a fully integrated high current half bridge for motor drive applications. Block diagram of PCA9555 PCA9555 POWER-ON RESET 002aac702 I2C-BUS/SMBus CONTROL INPUT FILTER SCL SDA VDD INPUT ww1. 20140703030508Z. Data Sheet 2 Rev. Tj Figure 9. 5 1. information section on page 21 of this data sheet. It is a document that collects parts (electronic components), sub-systems (such as power supply), the performance, characteristics such as software. CDE Cornell Dubilier • 1605 E. PAGE EVERVISION VGG804806-6UFLWB SPEC SAMPLE 4 V G G 8048 06 – 6 U F L W B 3. 4 — 16 April 2015 2 of 52 NXP Semiconductors PCA9685 16-channel, 12-bit PWM Fm+ I2C-bus LED controller The active LOW Output Enable input pin (OE) allows asynchronous control of the LED outputs and can be used to set all the outputs to a defined I2C-bus programmable logic state. Author. at 150 mA load, 0. Feedback reference vs. 3V Single Power Supply 10/100BASE-TX/FX MII Physical Layer Transceiver - Micrel Semiconductor KSZ8721BLI-TR 3. supply voltage down to 1. avx. 4 Lead diameter d 1 ±0. com 4 Mounting Lead Length, L Method 1/8 1/4 1/2 Units 1 2 3 52 R JA 67 65 72 80 87 50 °C/W °C/W °C/W TYPICAL VALUES FOR R JA IN STILL AIR tda2822m dual low-voltage power amplifier september 2003 pin connection (top view) minidip ordering number : tda2822m ®. C. Delay-to-output vs. With Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) values ranging from 21 Artix-7 FPGAs Data Sheet: DC and AC Switching Characteristics DS181 (v1. 3V Polarity Band (Anode+) XXXXX 227 A AVX LOGO Capacitance Value in pF 227 = 220µF SFR16S, SFR25, SFR25H www. Module Numbering System Home - Industrial Devices & Solutions - Panasonic Emerson Global | Emerson CXM-9 Product Datasheet *Note: Luminus maintains a +/- 0. 12/10/20 201 iese Seiis re se e i ie. Representative Schemat THIS DOCUMENT SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. 19) June 6, 2016 www. ©2019 Kingston Technology Europe Co LLP and Kingston Digital Europe Co LLP, Kingston Court, Brooklands Close, PIN CONNECTIONS (top view) GND Input 2 VSS N. 64 (. com Important Notice : This data sheet and its contents (the "Information") belong to the members of the Premier Farnell group of companies (the "Group") or are licensed to it. CSM_E2E_D115-E1_9_5. PB 801 PANELCX 390 DLEDM XVN 01 SPIMX 25 3205 MAIN PANEL CX390DLEDM SPI MX25L3205 reader or similar pdf MODEL NO. at 150 mA load; max. 1N4001, 1N4002, 1N4003, 1N4004, 1N4005, 1N4006, 1N4007 www. • New Bedford, MA 02744 • Phone: (508)996-8561 • Fax: (508)996-3830 Ratings Mica Capacitors, Standard Dipped Micron Technology, Inc. c1 Product data sheet Rev. The test was conducted at an ambient temperature of 23°C. (Top View) 1 5 xxx AYW MARKING DIAGRAM xxx = Specific Device Code A = Assembly Location Y = Year W = Work Week = Pb−Free Package (Note:Microdot may be in either KSZ8721BLI Datasheet 3. 022) 0. 4 9. ORDERING INFORMATION 1 5 www. irf. 77 TPS AUTOMOTIVE RANGE CAPACITANCE AND RATED VOLTAGE RANGE (LETTER DENOTES CASE SIZE) Capacitance Rated Voltage DC (VR) to 85°C μF Code 6. 1608mm Size 2012mm Size (LCFE201202A900TG, LCFE201202A121TG) You may be offline or with limited connectivity. Whether a user is extracting one datasheet, or many, the data is put into one file, and often referred to as “a DSDATA file. Micron Technology, Inc. The ANSI Bin is provided for reference. 5 Marking Examples C ≤10 μF C >10 μF Approvals Approval marks Standards Certificate EN 60384-14:2014/A1:2016 IEC 60384-14:2013/AMD1:2016 40010694 (approved by VDE) (C ≤ 10 μF) 1) Note: Nominal discharge current In according to UL 1449, 4th edition. ©2019 Kingston Technology Europe Co LLP and Kingston Digital Europe Co LLP, Kingston Court, Brooklands Close, 8 www. dpk3n3gg92jwt. 32 (. Ground 3. com Specifications are subject to change without notice. 0 k 2. Electrical and Industrial | Power management solutions | Eaton www. Reset Output Input 2 Ground 4 5 N. Created Date. 4 mV typ. 2. com/disclaimer/ by reference Entry-level cloud-managed 802. ORDERING INFORMATION Pin: 1. 010 – – r Temperature diode series resistance – 2 – Notes: 1. 2) Jump-start strength (max. ” Huawei TNPW e3 www. 92 (. Output 2. The values are at Free Position and Total Travel Position values for pin plunger, and Total Travel Position value for lever. *2. The following tables describe the ANSI bin center points, the orientation angle for the MacAdam ellipse ( θ °), and the maximum radii for the ellipses. Download PDF. 005 tolerance on chromaticity (CIEx and CIEy) measurements. cloudfront. 5 8 × 11. 4. 1A to 10. com THIS DOCUMENT IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. 5 8. Out 1 VS Out 2 Input 1 Enable A Sense A GND 10 8 9 7 6 5 4 3 2 13 14 15 16 17 19 18 20 12 1 11 GND D95IN239 Input 3 Micron Technology, Inc. 10 — 8 November 2017 3 of 34 NXP Semiconductors PCA9555 16-bit I2C-bus and SMBus I/O port with interrupt 4. Marking The LPC81xM devices typically have the following top-side marking: LPC81x xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxYWWxR[x] The last two letters in the last line (field ‘xR’) identify the boot code version and device revision. farnell. Chromaticity Bins: 1931 CIE Curve Technical Data Sheet. Product data sheet Rev. Title: scn08994 Author: UK318511 Created Date: 8/30/2001 3:05:50 PM is known as a datasheet, an ASCII text file consisting of rigorously formatted lines of 80 columns. 1) August 21, 2015 Product Specification R Table 1:Virtex-5 FPGA Family Members Device Configurable Logic Blocks (CLBs) DSP48E Aruba Instant On Literature Library | Rockwell Automation Moxa - Your Trusted Partner in Automation KVR16LS11/8 8GB 2Rx8 1G x 64-Bit PC3L-12800 CL11 204-Pin SODIMM DESCRIPTION This document describes ValueRAM's 1G x 64-bit (8GB) DDR3L-1600 CL11 SDRAM (Synchronous DRAM), 2Rx8, low Electrical and Industrial | Power management solutions | Eaton Emerson Global | Emerson Title: SCAN master Author: Karen Heaney Created Date: 5/14/1999 7:56:47 AM RALLY TABLE HUB Single cable (CAT6A) connection to Rally Display Hub (16. 0 B32776T 4-pin 37. Title. LM393, LM393E, LM293, LM2903, LM2903E, LM2903V, NCV2903 www. com TSOP−5/ SOT23−5 CASE 483 PIN CONNECTIONS 1 3 N. 052) 1. com offers you a great collection of semiconductor datasheet pdf. 3V Single Power Supply 10/100 Base-TX/FX MII Physical Layer Transceiver, Microchip Technology TNPW e3 www. Input PIN CONNECTIONS 18 7 6 5 2 3 4 (Top View) VOUT GND GND IN NC GND NC SOIC−8* D SUFFIX CASE 751 *SOIC −8 is an internally modified SO 8 package. All our Files are fast to download. Block diagram of PCA9555 PCA9555 POWER-ON RESET 002aac702 I2C-BUS/SMBus CONTROL INPUT FILTER SCL SDA VDD INPUT 3 D2F Ultra Subminiature Basic Switch D 2 F Characteristics Note. Microchip Technology Virtex-5 Family Overview 2 www. R. . Download S32K1xx Data Sheet Notes • Supports S32K116, S32K118, S32K142, S32K142W, S32K144, S32K144W, S32K146, and S32K148 – Technical information for S32K142W and S32K144W device families is preliminary until these devices achieve qualification • The following two attachments are available with the Datasheet: – S32K1xx_Orderable_Part_Number DatasheetsPDF. 115) 2. net/b/ss/vishayprod/1/H. vishay. 24 V, 5 minutes) Electrical specifications and ordering codes Maximum ratings (TA = 105 °C) Dimensional drawings Number of wires Lead spacing ±0. com - 1 - Standard AM2302 /DHT22 AM2302 /DHT22 with big case and wires 3 2014-02-13 BAS70/BAS170W Thermal Resistance Parameter Symbol Value Unit Junction - soldering point1) BAS70, BAS70-07 BAS70-02L BAS70-02W, -02V L6562 6/16 Figure 8. 6--NS/0" height="1" width="1" border="0" alt=""> Datasheet 3M™ Peltor™ X Series Earmuffs Product Description Products Included: Headband models: X1A, X2A, X3A, X4A and X5A Hard hat-attached models: X1P3E, X2P3E, X3P3E, X4P3E and X5P3E The 3M Peltor X Series earmuffs are available in headband and hard hat-attached versions. The name of the format of a datasheet is called “Digital Survey Data” or DSDATA format. at no load, 170 µA typ.